EPD Database

Here you find EPDs published by EPD Danmark (some of them recognized through mutual recognition agreements). All EPDs are developed in accordance with EN 15804 and are verified by an independent third party verifier.

The fact that EPD Denmark sets requirements and guidelines for the design and verification of EPDs is the customer's guarantee that an EPD with us meets European and international requirements for verification, standardization and content. For each EPD it is stated which version of EN15804 it has been carried out in accordance with.

However, if a manufacturer defaults on their obligations to us, we find ourselves forced to cancel EPDs that we can no longer vouch for. According to EN15804, an EPD is valid for 5 years, after which it must be re-verified and typically revised. This is partly due to that data may have become outdated. Once an EPD has been revised, the revised version will take over the original EPD and be valid for 5 years.

You can download the latest version of all LCAbyg EPDs as a zip file HERE.

If you can not find a specific EPD it might be outdated or voided. If so, you can follow this link: 


Pile joints

For extension of steel reinforced precast concrete piles. This EPD declares 1 CPG-pile splice, consisting of 2 pcs. CPG-pile splice parts for exten...

Rock points

Rock point cast into steel reinforced precast concrete piles, used for foundations into mountains, bedrock and other extra hard soil types. This EP...

Steel-reinforced foundation pile in concrete

Foundation for buildings and various other constructions. This EPD declares 1 meter steel reinforced precast concrete pile. Besides, the following...