Getting an EPD

Whether you've already decided or are still considering to get started with an EPD for your construction product, you'll find information about the process, involved parties and other practical information here.

How do I get started with an EPD?

The procedure for obtaining an EPD can be divided into three steps:

Preparation of EPD and background report (LCA)

 For this part, you need to get in touch with an LCA consultant. In collaboration with the consultant, you will map out your production and the other life cycle phases of your product, thereby creating an environmental profile for the product. The LCA consultant can also assist in determining the number of EPDs that need to be created for your products and help you with the data that needs to be collected. 

The consultant prepares an LCA report and EPDs, which are a kind of summary of the LCA report.



The verification process is carried out through EPD Denmark but is internally coordinated with the verifier. Often, the LCA consultant will assist in establishing contact with the verifier and negotiating an agreement.


Publication of EPD and the administrative aspects of verification 

Once the EPD is ready for verification, we ensure that everything proceeds correctly, and subsequently, we take care of publishing the EPD in our database and on ECO Portal, a shared European database.

If in any doubt or need for further information, don't hesitate to contact us for free advice and help.