About EPD Danmark

 EPD Denmark is an organization that publishes Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for building materials according to the requirements of the European standard EN 15804, and works toward a European harmonization of verifiable documentation of the environmental properties of building materials. 


EPD Denmark was founded as programme operator for EPDs for Danish building materials in 2014. EPD Denmark works to ensure that “Danish EPDs” (that is to say EPDs registered with EPD Denmark) meet the requirements of the standards through controls and 3rd-party verification. EPD Denmark compiles the list of third-party verifiers based on requirements for competencies and independence defined in the programme instructions, but it is the individual verifier who performs the actual verification.


Additionally, a central part of the work at EPD Denmark is to help define guidelines and clarify interpretation issues if EN15804 lacks information or is ambiguous. EPD Denmark provides guidelines for both the consultant's and the verifier's work through a consultant kit and verification checklist. This is done partly through the work in EPD Denmark's Technical Committee but also by participating in harmonization work across national borders. The ambition is that EPDs are prepared on the same basis, regardless of where they are made and who publishes them. 

EPD Denmark is a member of ECO Platform, an umbrella organization for European EPD Programme operators. As an ECO Platform programme operator, EPD Denmark is committed to ensuring that all published EPDs is verified by a competent and independent 3rd party acoording to a common checklist. An EPD is not valid until it has been verified according to the requirements in ISO 14025.

Valid EPDs issued by EPD Denmark can be found on EPD Denmark's website, and the valid version of the EPD is always the one that appears on the website. In the case of project-specific EPDs, there shall either be a reference to a published product EPD in the database, or the validity of the EPD can be confirmed by contacting EPD Denmark.

EPDs published by EPD Denmark are based on the material that EPD Denmark receives from both the companies and their consultants, including the verifier designated by the company. EPD Denmark cannot be held responsible for errors and omissions demonstrated by the company or its consultants, including the verifier. If you wish to file a complaint about an EPD, you can read more about this here.

EPD Denmark does not have a commercial aim - expenses for the operation and maintenance of secretarial functions, memberships, standardization work, and website maintenance, etc., are covered by fees that can be found here.