EPD Denmark receives any complaints via our email

Complaints must be submitted with the following information: Title "Complaint to EPD Denmark regarding [complaint type from the list below]"

Type of complaint:

  • EPD content
  • EPD DK's official statements and documents
  • EPD DK procedures and invoices
  • Verifiers
  • Other

All complaints must include a careful description of the complaint's content with concrete examples.

Some complaints must include specific elements:

Complaint about EPD Content:
EPD number
 Description of type (method error, cosmetic/layout, false claim, etc.)
Description of how this violates relevant standards

Official Documents (Consultant kit, TK minutes, GPI, website, etc.)
Reference to the document, section or page number
Possibly reference to violation of relevant standards

A complaint will be handled according to our internal procedures, where it will be addressed by one of our technical experts. If relevant, information will be obtained from the verifier, LCA practitioner, and EPD owner. EPD Denmark is not responsible for the content of EPDs, but considers it part of the program operator's duties to pass on and follow up on any complaints correctly. If an EPD owner does not follow EPD Denmark's recommendation regarding correction of the error within the agreed timeframe, the EPD may be withdrawn by EPD Denmark

Only breaches with the rules applicable at the time of publication are taken into account. New guidelines are not introduced retroactively. EPDs published by EPD Denmark are based on the material that EPD Denmark receives from both the companies and their consultants, including the verifier designated by the company. EPD Denmark cannot be held responsible for errors and omissions demonstrated by the company or its consultants, including the verifier.