EPD Database

Here you find EPDs published by EPD Danmark (some of them recognized through mutual recognition agreements). All EPDs are developed in accordance with EN 15804 and are verified by an independent third party verifier. All EPDs are verified with reference to ECO Platform's common checklist.

 The EPD owner is responsible for the accuracy of the content of the given EPD. Read more about responsibilities and the possibility to file a complaint here.


 If you cannot find a specific EPD, it may have been withdrawn or otherwise invalid. Check here: https://www.epddanmark.dk/epd-databasen/ugyldige-epd-er/. In special cases, it may have been published without being posted on the website. In such cases, you can contact EPD Denmark, who can confirm the publication of such an EPD. 

You can download the latest version of all LCAbyg EPDs as a zip file HERE.

And find EPDs in the ILCD+EPD format here: https://www.eco-platform.org/epd-data.html.


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