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If you purchase certificates for green energy, you will be affected by new rules in the future

On October 19, 2023, the umbrella organization ECO Platform announced that the calculation approach used by EPD Denmark for the distribution of green energy is not in accordance with current guidelines.

The change is rooted in the fact that on February 1, 2023, the organization adopted that the calculation method 'Mass Balance Approach (MBA)' is not allowed within the ECO Platform framework. EPD Denmark did not consider the current practice as MBA, but ECO Platform has now clarified that the prohibition of MBA also applies to the distribution of GoOs at the factory level.

At EPD Denmark, we are proud that our EPDs bear the ECO EPD logo and strive to adhere to ECO Platform's common guidelines. Therefore, we are now changing the rules for how green electricity is calculated.

New rules for GoOs are introduced with immediate effect.

As of November 10, 2023, it is no longer allowed to allocate the purchased certificates to a single product. The change only applies to EPDs that have not yet been published. This means that if a producer purchases 10% biogas and 90% natural gas, the producer cannot sell 10% of the products as a greener version of the original product.

On the contrary, an average consisting of 10% biogas and 90% natural gas should be calculated for all products from this site.

If a producer has multiple sites, it is possible to purchase GoOs for one site and calculate an EPD with 100% green energy source from that site, while the other sites may have an EPD without purchased GoOs.