EPD Kurser Brugbare3

A new course for you, whom developes EPD's

An EPD, and the underlying LCA, is drawn up by an LCA consultant. Some, especially larger companies, have LCA experts on staff, but there are also many external consultants who design life cycle assessments and EPDs for manufacturers.

So here is a summer greeting with good news for you who would like to upgrade your EPD skills

At EPD Denmark, we would like to support you in your work as an LCA consultant and help prepare you for the many layers of work with EN15804.


The course is for:


You who are trained to perform LCA at product level and can work in LCA modeling software such as SimaPro and GaBi, but need to learn the special requirements set in EN15804 and EPD Denmark's program instructions.


You who are already developing EPDs, but would like to know more about sources of error and pitfalls in your work.



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