A showerpipe is a combination of a shower valve, shower hose and/or pipe connection and head shower and/or hand shower.


Showerpipes essentially comprise of a metal housing in most cases made of brass, a plastic valve with ceramic discs or thermostatic cartridge, and several assembly parts of various materials. The pipe surface is usually chrome-plated by means of various galvanic process stages. Roughs mainly comprise of brass materials.


For the use and application of the product the respective national provisions at the place of use apply, in Germany for example the building codes of the federal states and the corresponding national specifications.


The products comply with the applicable standards and regulations listed below.


Following standards depending on the operating mechanism may apply to showerpipes to prove product safety:


  • EN 816:2017: Sanitary tapware – Automatic shut-off valves PN 10
  • EN 817:2008: Sanitary tapware – Mechanical mixing valves (PN 10)
  • EN 200:2008: Sanitary tapware – Single taps and combination taps for water supply systems of type 1 and type 2
  • EN 1111:2018: Sanitary tapware – Thermostatic mixing valves (PN 10)
  • EN 1112:2008: Sanitary tapware – Shower outlets for sanitary tapware for water supply systems of type 1 and type 2
  • EN 1113:2015: Sanitary tapware - Shower hoses for sanity tapware for water supply systems of type 1 and type 2
  • ISO 3822: Acoustics - Laboratory tests on noise emission from appliances and equipment used in water supply installations


One (1) piece of an average showerpipe incl. packaging

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