General costs and fees

EPD Denmark does not have commercial goals, expenses for operation and maintenance of the secretariat and website are covered by fees.

The agreement with EPD Denmark to publish an EPD lasts for over 5 years with annual administration and registration fees, which are detailed below. If your company wishes to terminate the collaboration early, it is EPD Denmark's practice to invoice 50% of the remaining amount.

The administration fee and registration fee cover costs for development, operation and maintenance of database, website, verifier group (checklists, further training) and technical regulations, among other things. In addition, the income goes to coordinating the joint European activities and auditing the scheme, which is an important and necessary part of the foundation for EPD Denmark.

Fees * of EPD Denmark, valid as of 1 May 2021

We reserve the right to make changes to the fee structure during the validity period of the EPD.

* NOTE. All fees are stated excl. VAT.

**NOTE. All fees given in € are approximate values based on fees in DKK.

Annual administration fee (per company):

Company turnover

Adm. Fee

below 15 mil. DKK/year (approx. 2 mil. €) 

DKK 3.000 (400 €)**

between 15 and 75 million. DKK / year (approx. 2 mil. – 10 mil. €) 

DKK 6.000 (800 €)**

between 75 and 375 million. DKK / year (approx. 10 mil. – 50 mil. €) 

DKK 12.000 (1.600 €)**

Groups (companies with a turnover of more than DKK 375 million / year, approx. 50 mil. €)

DKK 18.000 (2.400 €)**

Industry associations and associations are categorized in the middle class for administration fees, i.e. DKK 6,000 (800 €)**

Annual registration fee (per EPD):

Number of EPD’s

Registration Fee

1st EPD

DKK 5.000 (670 €)**

2nd-4th EPD

DKK 2.500 (335 €)**

5th EPD and the following

DKK 1.500 (200 €)**

Supplementary sheet, according to EN15804 + A1: DKK 1,000 (135 €)** per piece.

For companies with a turnover of less than DKK 3 million DKK / year (approx. 400.000 €), a reduced fee of DKK 1,500 (200 €)** per EPD is offered.

EPDs published through mutual recognition agreements (see collaborations here):

For EPDs published in another EPD programme, with which EPD Denmark has a mutual recognition agreement, it is possible to publish the EPDs for a one-time fee of DKK DKK 2,500 (335 €) (per EPD)**.

EPD- and LCA-tools

Approval fee (valid for 3 years)

DKK 20.000 (2.670 €)**

Annual administration costs for tool user (Covers the administration and the annual inspection)

DKK 15.000 (2.000 €)**


EPDs designed using an EPD- or LCA-tool approved by EPD Denmark are registered and published with reduced fees:

Number of EPDs

Registration Fee

1st EPD

DKK 2.000 (270 €)**

2nd-4th EPD

DKK 1.000 (135 €)**

5th EPD and the following

DKK 500 (70 €)**


Publication of EPDs in several languages ​​(one-time fee)

The fee applies per EPD per language in addition to Danish and English: DKK 1,500 (200 €)** per EPD (does not cover the translation itself)

Revision of EPDs (one-off fee)

For minor setup corrections that do not require an LCA consultant (e.g. update of logo)

DKK 400 (55 €)** (per EPD)

For revision of EPD / LCA report, which replaces existing EPD

DKK 1.500 (200 €)** (per EPD)


Digitization of EPD Data (for import to LCAbyg (lb5epd) and ECO Portal (ILCD+EPD))

Creation and publication of EPD data in electronic format (compatible with LCAbyg), 1-3 data sets

DKK 2,500 (335 €)** (per EPD)

For more than 3 data sets in the EPD, is added per data set

DKK 250 (35 €)** 

This service presupposes that the EPD is registered and published in the EPD Denmark database.
For use in LCAbyg, an appendix according to +A1 must be published.

Other costs associated with EPDs

EPD Denmark does not make the specific EPDs, which is typically done by an LCA consultant.

The EPD should be based on a life cycle assessment (LCA), which is also typically performed by an LCA consultant. The price for this is arranged between the LCA consultant and the manufacturer and is dependent on a number of factors such as the scope (which life cycle phases are covered), how many products are included in the EPD, and how many EPDs are to be made. It is typically not the EPD itself that is the most expensive part, but the making of the LCA model, data collection and analysis of results – i.e. the LCA part itself. The EPD can be said to summarize the results of this work.

In addition to the cost of designing an EPD, there is also a verification cost. The price for this is set by agreement between the verifier (approved by EPD Denmark) and the manufacturer (possibly the consultant on behalf of the manufacturer).